Thursday, July 11

The fifth tooth has left the building

Last night, I fell asleep on the sofa while Brian was watching something boring on television. I slept there for about 90 minutes before waking up and going upstairs, and then falling asleep in bed. I was, apparently, more tired than I realized.
All this was okay, until I was awoken at 6:30 this morning, by the sound of tears in my bedroom. It seems as though the Tooth Fairy missed picking up Sydney's tooth last night, and didn't leave her anything. This certainly was reason for tears, and while Sydney's flowed, mine were barely held in check.
The Tooth Fairy is usually so good about picking up teeth, that it was so inexcusable that she would skip our house last night. I told Sydney that the Tooth Fairy must have just missed us because she didn't know that we had moved yet, and that she just didn't know where we were.
Still, the tears, and, "I just don't understand why she didn't come!" Heartbreaking, to be sure. But, after a few more minutes talking about it, Sydney accepted that our move just confused the Tooth Fairy, and that she would be coming by this evening.
And, with all seriousness, she looks at me and says, "But what about Buddy and Santa Claus?!?!" I assured her that the Tooth Fairy would certainly share our new address with Buddy and Santa Claus, and that I was positive that they wouldn't lose us.
All was well, and now, tomorrow will be well, too. The Tooth Fairy has been here.

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