Monday, July 22

Sometimes, she's so not my kid

Sydney and I found a Krispy Kreme in Scottsdale this morning, right after she got a good report from her dentist, and we celebrated with some doughnuts. Weirdest thing: Sydney didn't like her doughnut. Honestly, I don't understand that kid. But as much as this made her less my child, it made her more Brian's, because he also does not like the Krispy Kreme doughnut, either. (He prefers a Dunkin Donuts doughnut, which is ridiculous to me.)
No surprise, my two chocolate iced doughnuts didn't last the afternoon. But her two chocolate iced with sprinkles -- one minus a single bite and some frosting -- sat and hardened over the duration of the day. It was a waste of more than just the couple bucks for the doughnuts themselves. It was a waste of the potential these doughnuts possess, because they're so yummy.

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