Sunday, July 7

Scorpion in the kitchen? No, thank you

Do you remember when I was all, "Crazy Texas bugs are here!!" And thought it was funny?
Should I start an Arizona bugs thing? Because, well, a scorpion skittered across my kitchen floor tonight. I saw it as I was pulling the trash bag out of the trash can. My chief concern is that it was the same color as my flooring, and the movement is what drew my eye to it. Also, Daisy wanted to hunt it, which is problematic, should any others get in the house.
I saw the scorpion, and my first action was to grab Daisy by the back hair to keep her away from it. Then I, in a voice I don't think I'd ever be able to replicate outside of that situation, called for Brian, who, to his credit, jumped up and ran into the kitchen. He grabbed a nearby flip flop and squished the bug. After that, it was time to study it. We took a couple pictures; we tossed out the carcass; and then I came upstairs and did a Wikipedia search.
Our visitor was an Arizona bark scorpion, which is venomous. It'll put an adult in pain for a couple days, but for a small child or a small pet, it could be much worse (bad news, as I have both of those). There is an anti-venom, and in Arizona, there's a lot of it. They are nocturnal. They also glow in the dark when shined on with a black light.
List for tomorrow: Call pest control. Spray bug spray under the sink. Buy a black light flashlight.
I like scorpions better when they're a high school mascot.

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