Saturday, July 13

Practically perfect in every way

ITEM!: We watched Mary Poppins this afternoon, and Sydney finally understands the emotion and motivation behind my inexplicable and random singing of "Let's Go Fly a Kite." I will tell you that it's been quite some time since I watched that movie, and the I learned a couple things. First: It's not as scary when Jane and Michael are running through the streets of London as I used to think. Second: Dick van Dyke played the elder banker in old-man makeup. I did not know that until this afternoon, and it has rocked my Mary Poppins world. Third: There was more singing than necessary to get the plot moving. Fourth: One of the "domestics" was Buttercup Grogan from The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Fifth: I resent that they made the mom who was fighting for women's right to vote a ditzy thing that obeyed her husband without question and didn't seem to mind leaving her children alone for the afternoon with a chimney sweep she'd never met.
ITEM!: My random Starbucks-based editorial job interview went well this morning. The guy was super nice, and this job actually seems like a perfect fit. But, I refuse to get too excited, since who knows why this one might get ripped out from underneath me. The next step, if I get to it, is to interview with his business partner. And they have no problem waiting until after Sydney starts school for me to start working. All good things. So, fingers are crossed!
ITEM!: The Tooth Fairy came by again this evening, and this time, it's for the second front tooth. She's officially toothless in the front for a while, and that makes me unimpressed. I miss that little girl's smile so much already! How long do I have to wait for some new pearly whites? Maybe now, since the last wiggly tooth for a while is gone and no longer hurting, she'll let me do some looking around and check if I can see any new teeth coming in.

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