Thursday, July 18

Perhaps the butterflies ate the aches

ITEM!: My costochondritis is feeling much better. In fact, I hardly felt it at all today. Perhaps I am a medical marvel, and that's why it's feeling better so much quicker than it should. Rather than being Brian's "glass princess," as he called me the other night, I am instead a "random ailment but remarkably quick-healing princess."
ITEM!: My second interview is scheduled for tomorrow at 5 p.m. (It is not at a Starbucks.) I'm starting to get that nifty butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling that usually rolls with job interviews. But I'm excited to have a reason to celebrate when I get to California next week. Yay hopefully a job!
ITEM!: One of the first things I'm going to do when I find out I got this job is to call Molly Maids. I did not enjoy vacuuming and cleaning my floors today, and I'd like to have someone else do it for me. That person, or persons, is welcome to scrub the bathrooms and kitchen, as well. I don't mind dusting, but if I could get Molly Maids, I'd be a happier person.

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