Saturday, July 20

I liked their college; but ASU was better

Someone explain why I have a child that I have to cajole and guilt into going to the movies with me. Movies are my drug, and I'm totally addicted. Also, I love eating popcorn. But mostly it's the movies (and the popcorn).
Today, we saw Monsters University. And while we all thoroughly enjoyed it, I wish Sydney had consented to sit and watch Monsters, Inc. beforehand, so she would get all the little inside jokes.
But again, she doesn't always like to sit through a movie. Which bugs, because I can count on one hand how many movies she's seen that she didn't like. And I hardly ever steer her wrong. But she's stubborn, and just keeps saying no when I ask if she's up for a movie. But the popcorn, honestly, always makes a movie worth it.

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