Monday, July 29

"Emotional issues, we have a problem"

I honestly didn't think that it's been two days since I've blogged. But, you know, I get tired when we've been running around in California, and I tend to fall asleep on the sofa at night. This happened both Saturday and Sunday.
Today, we ventured down to Los Angeles to spend the morning at the California Space Center and visit Endeavour in its temporary new home: We got to see the Toyota Tundra truck that pulled the shuttle across the freeway in a publicity stunt. We got to watch video of Endeavour's final launch and entry into orbit. We got to ride on the Endeavour simulator, which showed what a launch, flight and return felt like. We got to see the video of Endeavour riding through the streets of Los Angeles. And finally, we got to see the shuttle itself, in the hangar.
And today, I could officially announce to myself (and Mom, because she was there, too) that, yes, I'm bitter as hell about missing that final launch. I try to be all upbeat and happy about the opportunity to see and do things surrounding the shuttle, but really, I'm still pissed off that I missed it. I mean, really. We flew all the way to Florida, bought all the tickets and hotel and everything, and the damn shuttle launch was scrubbed at the last minute. But the money put out is moot, because seeing a shuttle launch was/is among my life's greatest wants. So yeah, I'm still super angry. I don't know if I'll ever get over that particular disappointment, and I'm okay with stewing with it, to tell you the truth.
I still have a love of all things astronaut and space shuttle, but I'm still mad.

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