Sunday, June 2

Pool parties are the funnest

We spent the day at the pool, enjoying a get-together with friends from school, and had a lovely day. I forget sometimes how nice it is to have a social life. To be able to sit back, eat a bunch of bad-for-me foods, and chat with people, and also laugh. We were there for about four-and-a-half hours, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.
Having people to hang out with is a great thing, and I miss it terribly. This will change in Arizona. That's a promise I make to myself. Brian, Sydney and I will be social. We will make friends and do things. We will enjoy backyard siestas with beer. We will talk and laugh with people. And it will be nice.
All this, even with the sore throat and the snotty nose.
Even with the fatigue that's rolling with this body right now.
I'm happy to say that I'm not out of practice with being a social creature. I'm pleased with my day, certainly, and I'm looking forward to my next social function.

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