Saturday, June 29

Out of the albums, into boxes

Random new project: Moving photos out of albums and into photo boxes.
Really, this makes sense. I have 21 photo albums piled up in my guest room. I don't the space to store them, nor do I want to. I stopped printing out photos en masse in 2008, and everything since we got the digital camera in 2006 is on my computer. So what to do with these piles of albums?
Condense and store elsewhere.
I've started going through my albums and pulling out only the pictures that are necessary, of people, or have a significant meaning. There is no reason to keep 23 photos of an orca show at Sea World in 1987. There's no point to having all those pictures.
I happened to have an empty photo box in the closet, so I started on my project tonight to see how it would go. I am excited to say that I got five albums worth of memories and pictures into a single photo box. This makes for a better option for storage certainly, but also lessens my "baggage" in a very real way. I can't wait to dig into the rest of the albums. I figure I've got another three or four boxes worth of pictures before my job is done.
And don't even ask me how long it'll take, or how many photo boxes we'll fill, when we do this with Mom's albums.

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