Friday, June 7

Oh, it's happening. In three days.

Alright. Things are moving along quickly now.
I've got a boatload of boxes in my house, and just a bit more to pack.
My move driver called this morning to reconfirm our move for ... Tuesday? Or is it Monday? He's got us scheduled for Tuesday. I'm all, "But I have to move on Monday." He's all, "Okay. Ill figure this out." And that's the last I heard from him. Perhaps I can look forward to a call from him tomorrow?
Also, we drove out to Blue Bell ice cream factory this morning. Upon arrival, we discovered a 50-minute wait for the tour. But we've all done the tour before, so I said to Sydney, "All you really want is the ice cream, right? Let's bag the tour and go up to the ice cream parlor?" She says, "Okay." So we drove an hour to pay a dollar for each of our ice cream cups. I had a delicious key lime pie ice cream that I would very much like to have forever in my freezer. The joy from the day came upon discovering the distribution map for Blue Bell and seeing that they deliver in Arizona. Yay!
Then, we came home, where Sydney continued to bug us to pack more stuff because she seems to have become obsessed with packing. Almost everything in her room is packed, except for some dinosaurs, and she's eager to finish the entire thing.
I don't think I've ever been so far ahead of the game for a move, and it's freaking me out.

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