Monday, June 3

No fine art for us today

In a world full up on information, and the ability to have said information at your fingertips, it's still entertaining when an entire day can be messed up because of the simple act of not checking something out before embarking on an adventure. Like, say, this morning, when Mom and I got all the way to the Museum of Fine Arts, and parked and everything, before realizing that the museum is closed on Mondays. At least we weren't standing at the ticket office when we made our discovery. No, we were in the parking lot and ready to cross the street to the museum itself. So, really, only a single parking lot guard was privy to my colossal misstep. But again, I could only giggle at the ridiculous amount of information I had in my pocket, and I just didn't use it before climbing in the car and driving 40 minutes in traffic to a museum downtown.
I guess we'll be making our way back on Wednesday.

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