Thursday, June 27

Martian sunset similar to Arizona desert

Alright. Well, now that all that is over with, we can progress on to life as we knew/know it.
I believe that I will happily ignore that the last 18 months happened in Texas, and instead will scrub my head clean of all things Texan (except for the dinosaur museum, Cafe Express, Galveston, and Marlo).
We are a very happy family to be back in Arizona, and life is moving along swimmingly.
My house is pretty awesome, if a bit lacking in garage space. But I have all my decorations and both the cars in it, so it can't be too bad.
Everything has been unpacked, too. There are no boxes in my house, or anything that can be considered "storage." The only bins are in the garage, and they contain holiday decorations, tools, some keepsakes, and just a handful of randoms. My kitchen is incredibly lush with storage space, so everything that should be in the kitchen is in the kitchen.
I have a loft now, which is where I sit presently at my desk, and that therefore allows me to have a dedicated guest room. Huzzah!! And in the loft is a full-size futon sofa that can flatten out for any other guests beyond the one in my guest room.
Sydney and I have reconnected with our friends here, and she's registered in school for the second grade. It's a sweet and cute little school, and I'm excited for her to start there.
Brian is just excited to have us back home with him, and for me to be doing laundry again. ;)
Oliver and Daisy are beside themselves with happiness over having a doggie door again, and I am reminded that even with a backyard, I still have to pick up dog poop.
So. Back in Arizona.

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