Sunday, June 30

Hasta la vista, June

Well, to say that June was a bit of a busy month for me is an understatement, so I'm looking forward to July being more relaxing. I won't be packing anything, nor will I be binging on last-minute trips and restaurants before I move away from a state. I could totally go for a sandwich from Cafe Express, though.
It's for certain that I look back on June and am pleased with the results. My house is (almost) completely done; my dogs are embracing the doggy door; my kid is happy with her room and the house and with being closer to family; and Brian and I are giddy with not being in Texas anymore.
July, I feel certain, will be awesome. I hope. ... I mean, really, who knows. But I have random and, apparently, never-ending optimism. Bring it, July!

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