Thursday, May 2

"Uh, hello. Um, I like your books."

I just saw an ad from something, about winning a phone call from the author Anne Rice. Interesting thought, I ponder. But, I honestly don't know what I would ever say to her if I had the chance. She changed my life with her Vampire Chronicles books, and expanded my horizons in reading supernatural horror/thrillers. Her books were among the first that I ever looked forward to reading, and bought the day they were available. She put me on the road to vampire lore, and I'll forever be thankful to her for it. (I fear it would disappoint her to know I read the Twilight books. I've tried to forget them, and donated them shortly after I finished them. That must count for something.)
Other authors I would be afraid to talk to on the phone (quite similar to who I would like to have dinner with at my imaginary table): J.K. Rowling, Dean Koontz, Jackie Collins, Brad Meltzer and Elizabeth Peters.
Oh! My imaginary table/phone call center has dead authors, too: Sidney Sheldon! Agatha Christie! Margaret Mitchell! Dr. Seuss!

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