Thursday, May 30

There's a light at the end

Well, I think the packing is just about done.
Indulge me by allowing a bizarre list of to-be-packed boxes that remain.
Office/guest/Mom's room: 1 medium box for the printer, shredder and assorted desk implements still out. 1 medium box for guest linens and towels.
Sydney/guest bathroom: 1 small box for Sydney's toiletries, and guest toiletries. 1 medium box for Sydney's towels, rags, the shower curtain, and bath mats.
Laundry area: 1 small box for detergents, tools, and batteries. 1 medium box for dog food extras, extra paper goods, and misc.
Kitchen: 1 small box for dry and canned food. 1 medium box for the toaster, fruit basket, Tupperware bowls, colanders, and the last pot and pan. 1 medium box for dishes, and glasses. 1 small box for the under-sink cleaning supplies.
Living room: 1 medium (maybe large?) box for Sydney's board games. 1 medium box for the cable boxes and DVD player, and remotes and cables. 1 medium box for that red basket that doesn't fit anywhere else, and other assorted things that are just hanging out (the trash can in the office will probably end up here).
Master bathroom: 1 small box for my toiletries, accessories, and lotions and potions. 1 medium box for my towels, trash can and bath mats.
Master bedroom: 1 large box for bed linens, bedside lamp, and my clock.
Kimmie's closet: 2 wardrobe boxes for my clothes, a couple sweatshirts, and assorted clothing extras. 1 medium box for shoes (please note that these are the last of the boxes to be packed, and is not a reflection on the number of shoes I possess. I won't bore you with those amounts).
Also note that I haven't mentioned Sydney's bedroom. This is because I'm not allowed to pack anything in there without her presence. I abide by this only as long as it suits me. I've started to pack up some things here and there, and I get static for it, but as it is, I need to get in there soon.
Wow. As I look at my list it seems like a lot still to do, but as I walk through my house, I'm incredibly optimistic about my remaining tasks.

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