Friday, May 10

That's how they roll in Texas

I'm seeing vehicles in Texas lately that I've never seen before. Not a specific make or model, but, we'll call them "customizations." Three come to mind immediately. And they are so Texas.
A couple weeks ago, I saw a man who had a trailer being pulled behind his truck. The trailer was one similar to the kind that landscapers typically pull, so, low, flat and rectangular. The gentleman had added taller sides to the trailer, so they were about three feet tall along all sides, and had painted them brown, with some subtle lines and horizontal striping. He had then fashioned a cover for the trailer, exactly as a stagecoach top. Rounded on the top and attached to the right and left sides of the trailer. The cover, in perfect complement, was painted as the Texas state flag. That particular car I was unable to photograph. Much to my disappointment.
Today, I saw a pick-up truck with blue duct taping on the bed's rear hatch, that read, "For God is Love" and a Bible notation, and "Follow Jesus," with what looked like actual Jesus feet fashioned out of the tape, too. Also, a cross, because, well, it belonged there. In the truck, a barbecue. I think Brian's assumption that Jesus must love barbecue is spot on.
And then, tonight, on our way home from a birthday party, I saw the little beauty there to the left. A camouflage truck, with a hunting blind atop it, also in camouflage. It was just hanging out, there by the side of the road, looking for someone to love it and take it home. As Marlo told me, they hunt and shoot and eat their food out here (with her Texan accent on full, and I'm sorry I can't replicate that here), so this is how they roll.
The awesomeness of these vehicles is matched only by the fact that I saw two of them on the same day. Texas, man.

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