Friday, May 24

So many Lego bricks, but it's hot out

There are life-size Lego animals on display at the zoo right now. Unfortunately, my daughter knows about it, and so therefore, the zoo is our destination tomorrow morning. It will probably be too warm to be comfortable, but my plan is for us to get there early in the morning. This also will probably be our last visit to this zoo. So, we'll dress for the warmer weather, and in comfortable shoes, and I'll allow for a couple hours of wandering time. And maybe a shirt or something, too.
Solo Movie Alert: Fast & Furious 6. I actually laughed out loud a few times, which is always a good thing when at the movies. I also, again, ate my entire bag of popcorn with no feelings of guilt or grossness at all. That is also a good thing. The movie is enjoyable, too. I wish I was able to watch it with my hubby, but I'll catch it with him some other time.

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