Sunday, May 19

Since when is candy this irritating?

I downloaded the Candy Crush Saga game the other day, and have been digging in to it regularly since then. It's a puzzle game that can drive you crazy. The worst part is that your "lives," as in chance you have to solve each puzzle, are limited. You only get a certain number. After that, you have to either wait a specific amount of time, or ask your Facebook friends who also play the game to send you some lives, or you can buy them. Also, you can't move forward in the game until you've solved the puzzle you're working on.
I'm at level 30, and I'm stuck on it. I refuse -- absolutely refuse -- to purchase lives for this game with real money. I have begun bugging my friends for lives, but usually, I just end up putting the game away until I can play again. This aspect is actually quite helpful, because without it, I'm quite certain I would have thrown the phone against the wall out of frustration by now.
I spent so much time working on the game today that I got a raging headache and had to step away from all screens of any kind for a few hours. Closed eyes and a cold pack helped a lot, but just avoiding the phone, computer and television was the best medicine.
But yes, the game is a bit addictive, and I'm going crazy with this one level. I may be planted on it for a few days before I can move on. Just what I needed, right? Another silly thing to drive me crazy in my life.

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