Saturday, May 11

Oliver and Daisy are my muses

I follow the comedian, Dane Cook, on Twitter.
Most times, he's a bit of a ... comedian, but sometimes he breaks out with something awesome.
One of this evening's tweets: "If you're staring at an empty tweet box, trying to think of something to write for more than six minutes, you need to give up and walk away."
This is brilliant for most every writing forum, from Twitter and Facebook to blogs and your run-of-the-mill Word document. If I had a dollar for every time I sat staring at an empty Blogger page, I'd be a gazillionaire who wouldn't have to sell a book to move back to California. You can bet that most of the days that go by without a blog post, have included me sitting at the computer, fingers at the ready, but completely blank as to how to fill that Blogger page. And then, there's that moment, where I either have a somewhat-enthusiastic idea (or maybe even an epiphany), or I just say to myself (more times than not, aloud), "Forget it. You're not helping anyone with this. Be done and go to bed."
I like the six-minute time frame, though: the Six-Minute Inspiration Rule.

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