Friday, May 3

No more fire, please

ITEM!: Iron Man 3 is a really good movie. I thoroughly enjoy going to the movies alone, and today I indulged that love by hitting the theater solo. I happily inhaled a medium popcorn, while reinforcing my crush on Robert Downey, Jr. and his awesomeness. It was such a good movie.
ITEM!: This cupcakery down the street from our house is becoming a bit of an obsession. The cupcakes have the perfect amount of frosting, and an excellent selection. This week, I picked up the choco-holic cupcake, and the snicker doodle, which I tried tonight and found quite delicious.
ITEM!: I'm obsessed with this new show on Starz, called DaVinci's Demons. It's scripted, of course, but still about the real inventions and timeline from Leonardo DaVinci's life. The whole mythology and history behind that time in Italy is plot for the series, and there is enough sex and intrigue to keep me intrigued. New episodes are broadcast on Friday nights, so I've been occupied with watching that this evening. I'm digging it.
ITEM!: I hate, hate, hate seeing my lovely, little hamlet of Camarillo on the national news. The fire is very distressing to me, and I'm concerned for the people in the way of it. But to see newslines saying Camarillo, Calif., or to see Camarillo front and center on CNN, is problematic for my heart, especially so soon after the part of my heart in Boston was terrorized. I feel like my heart is being targeted by crazy, mean karma.
ITEM!: I was told this evening by Sydney to not wake her up in the morning, because she's going to sleep in. Irony abounds. Let's see if I'm afforded the same consideration.

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