Saturday, May 25

Level 33, and stuck and irritated

ITEM!: I love very much that all the things I knew would be an issue with me, that I wrote about last night, actually came to pass. It was totally too warm to be wandering around the zoo, even though we did get there early enough. And it was humid, because ... well ... Texas.
ITEM!: Sydney finally consented to us going through her room today and making a pile of things for donations. In fact, she was so eager, she was ready to box things up, as well. Until I pointed out that items boxed up today would not be available for playing until we arrive in Arizona and unpack the box. After learning that, she was less enthusiastic. But I do see where I can pack up a large box of pillows and stuffed animals that she won't miss. And other stuff, too. I'll wait until Tuesday to pack the stuff up, obviously, because I don't need any attitude about it.
ITEM!: I'm stuck on another level in Candy Crush Saga, and this game is driving me crazy. I hate it so much, but I can't bring myself to stop playing. It's a weakness, and I'm ashamed of it. I think, though, that my problem is thinking about it too much while playing. I'm being too strategic. When I'm only half paying attention, like when I'm on the phone with Mom, or Sydney's on my lap, I seem to be winning the levels. This does not help me tonight.
ITEM!: I'm yearning for some popcorn. I would say, "make it so," but I already packed my air popper. Premature packing problems.

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