Tuesday, May 14

It's a dish; use it as a platter

ITEM!: So, when you move, and you are a DirecTV subscriber, they say to take the receivers and remotes with you, but to leave the satellite dish. What happens to the dish? Oh, they toss it out. Because apparently, there's no money in recycling them or anything. I said, "Wait. What? So you want me to just throw it in the trash?" That's what they want me to do. "So how many dishes are sitting in landfills right now because of this?" No idea, she said, but that's just what they're supposed to tell people. I'll get a new dish in Arizona. Still, that seems incredibly wasteful to me.
ITEM!: Oliver decided that I should hand feed him dinner tonight. I was sitting on the sofa, as he wandered through the living room and dining room, when he sniffed at his food bowl, looked at me, and then laid down next to the bowl. And then he just laid there ... staring at me. For like, 10 minutes. I finally crawled over to him, where he consented to a couple minutes of snuggles. But then, he stood up, circled back to his bowl, sniffed at the food, and then sat down next to it. And stared at me. I said, "Really? Am I supposed to react to that?" Then I fed him a piece of food. He ate it. I fed him another. He ate that, too. And because I'm a total sucker for my dog, I fed him his entire bowl of food by hand. And now, he's happy. Totes worth it.
ITEM!: There's something cathartic about cleaning out the pantry. It's even better when you're moving a longer distance, because then there's no guilt about tossing food that you just aren't going to eat, rather than move it "just in case I decide to make caramel apples or go on an instant oatmeal binge." I had a trash bag full of stuff, and I tossed it out. My pantry is now lean and mean, with nothing but cookie mixes, pastas and unopened salsas.
ITEM!: Also, I'm having awesome company this weekend, and I'm giddy about it.

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