Friday, May 31

It all starts happening tomorrow

ITEM!: So, finally tomorrow is June, and I can say that we're moving back to Arizona "this month." Also, Mom arrives tomorrow night, which is beyond awesome, because shit is getting a bit overwhelming. I'm exhausted, and even took a bit of a nap this afternoon.
ITEM!: Also happening this afternoon, Sydney decided that her ear hurt. Very exciting that we got to six and a half years old before developing our first ear infection, right? I gave her some Advil this afternoon, and all was well for a while. But about an hour ago, she came to me crying because her ear was hurting again. Tomorrow morning, we are off to urgent care.
ITEM!: I still haven't gotten to reading anything yet. This is distressing, but more so because I know that now I won't be reading anything probably until we get to Arizona. My timing is off, and my stress level is rising, and I'll have someone to chat with every night until we move. At least I'll have a lovely stack of books to set out among the boxes in the new house.
ITEM!: Sleep is a good thing, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. You know, until I'm awakened by something that could be baby noise and movement, or dog vomit, as is usual on Saturdays when I want to sleep in. But highest on our priority list in the morning is a doctor. When it rains it pours with that kid, right? I mean, she's dealing with a cold already, had a crazy fever last weekend, and now this ear infection? What the hell, universe?!?! Leave my kid alone!!

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