Wednesday, May 8

Ice cream really is the best

ITEM!: I tried the Lemon Bliss flavor of Blue Bell ice cream tonight. It's actually really, really good. Lemon ice cream with chunks of vanilla and cream cookies in it. I like the idea of the lemon ice cream, and it didn't disappoint me.
ITEM!: So, what's happening is that I'm getting so done being here, that I latch on to things that bug me and I get bitchy. I'm in the middle of a verbal and stubborn tussle with the corporate office of my apartment complex over their bookkeeping issue, and I'm dragging my feet about helping them clear it up. Someone tell me why I should pay them a $75 deposit for a satellite dish that I already paid once but they categorized it incorrectly, when they'll send me the deposit back in June after we move and the dish is removed. It's dumb, I think. So I'm being purposely irritating about it.
ITEM!: We have a signed lease for our new house in Arizona! A backyard and doggy door, rose bushes, a garage, a large closet in my room, and no downstairs neighbors, so the kid can run and jump as much as she wants. We are getting very excited about being a family in a house again!
ITEM!: I think I may get to bed early this evening. As of now, it's just a few minutes after 10:30 p.m., and once I'm done with the blog, I'll be ready for night nights.
ITEM!: I haven't watched any of my Netflix movies, because I've been too busy reading the Percy Jackson books on my Nook. I just started the fourth book, Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth. I enjoyed the movie based on the first book, and with the second movie coming out this summer, I wanted to know more about the stories. The books are quite good, and I'm enjoying them a lot.

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