Sunday, May 5

Cool kids dig dinosaurs

Sydney loves her dinosaurs, and I love the love she has for the dinosaurs. I admit to thoroughly enjoying the intense interest she has in dinosaurs, and you know that I do everything I can to encourage that interest. Today, as a matter of fact, I drove us two hours into the middle of Texas so we could check out a dinosaur park just outside of Austin. I had my concerns, of course, about traveling so far to discover a dud of an activity, as well as the general worry about finding something that is, instead, "scary Texas." But upon arrival there was a parking lot full of cars and minivans, parents and children, and strollers and picnic baskets.
The park was nestled (yes, nestled) among the trees and pines in Cedar Creek, Texas, and featured a half-mile hiking trail with life-size replicas of more than 15 dinosaurs along the walk, as well as several spots to play "I Spy." Also, there was a fossil dig in the sand, which actually were long boxes filled with sand and "bones" on legs, so the children didn't get to sit in the sand and get it everywhere on them (YAY!!). Also, a playground, swings and a life-size Tyrannosaurs Rex head for them to climb into.
We walked the trail twice, discovered fossils twice, played on the swings twice, and finally ended our visit with a stop in the gift shop, where we were able to increase the size of her Dinosaur Train figurine collection.
I took a ton of pictures of the paleontologist, who just loved the entire experience. There is nothing that makes me feel better than treating my kid to an activity like that, chockablock full of her favorite things. I love that she loves dinosaurs so much.

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