Tuesday, May 21

Be careful out there, folks

Weirdest thing. I jammed the top corner of my toe into one of the concrete and stone stairs this morning on our way up from Oliver and Daisy's morning walk. I've got a blood blister on the toe now, and it's super sensitive. Even if I step on my foot a certain way, and it maybe tilts and veers to the left off its center, the toe hurts. It's a very unexpected sting of pain. I even hesitate to call it pain, because it's more like a sharp twinge. But I don't think I've ever had such a bizarre injury.
It's also weird because I noticed, and we discussed, Ryan's blood blister on his hand this past weekend, and it's probably been years since I've seen one on anyone, and had one on myself. And now, there's Ryan's and mine. If bad things really do happen in threes, I'll be very concerned for all my friends and family, and hoping that no one else gets a blood blister this week.
Also ... stupid stair busted my pedicure.

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