Thursday, May 23

Also, there were french fries

I drank too much tea today, and I ate too much good-tasting food. (Notice I didn't say "good-healthy" food. It was good tasting, and not at all good for me.) I ate a bacon cheeseburger for lunch, and beignets for dessert afterward. I bailed on the protein shake for dinner, and ate That Which Should Not Be Named. I seriously considered purging. (I don't say that in making light of eating disorders. In fact, I actually really thought about purging my dinner.)
But instead, I sit here on the sofa, not even doing static exercises, but watching television and drinking as much water as I can force down my throat before I go to bed. Because that will help WASH all the impurities from today's food through my body without any of the fat or calories attaching to anything. Right? Anyway, I'm kinda grossed out by myself right now. (Don't worry, I'll get over it.) So I'll call today my Cheat Day.
It was a lovely lunch with Marlo, and it was an easy and good-tasting dinner with the kiddo. So, really, even though I'm in a diet shame spiral, it was a good day.

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