Tuesday, April 16

The toe thing may gross you out

ITEM!: I'm still so upset about the bombing in Boston. I've stopped watching a lot of the coverage though, because most news channels are just rehashing their bad speculation, and repeating the bits of actual news ad nauseum. I'm so proud of the people there and how they're responding to this. And I'm super proud to say that I lived there. Articles made me cry today; Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert honored the town well tonight; and I wish I could be of some help.
ITEM!: I got heavy into the packing today. Honestly, I stood in the living room for several minutes just looking around, before I even figured out where I wanted to start. Because starting, you know, is the worst part. Once I got started -- in the living room -- I rolled pretty quickly through my boxing for the day. (Boxes done today: 11; as of now: 18.) I powered through the DVDs in the living room; the decorative pillows in the bedroom; and the decorative items in the living room. Tomorrow, I think I may start in the office, which I'm avoiding, because there are so many books.
ITEM!: I am not a fan of Tom Cruise. So I hate that I feel even the briefest bit of interest for his new movie, Oblivion. He was on The Daily Show tonight, and I barely made it through the interview, even though he was seemingly full of charm. This movie, because of Morgan Freeman, of course, looks like it might not be a bad way to spend a couple hours next week. But that opinion may change. Depends on how much I see of Tom Cruise over the next few days.
ITEM!: The big, fat bruise under my right foot's big toe's nail has finally healed to the point where the nail has separated from the toe itself, and I could trim it away. The new nail is growing in nicely, but there's still a lot of work to be done on the nail growing. So the nail looks more like a trapezoid (I think that's the shape I mean. I didn't do too well in geometry, so I could be way off). I polished the nails yesterday though, so now the weird-shaped nail is a brilliant blue.

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