Friday, April 5

The joy of gift cards

I am feeling awesome, because I spent two hours at Barnes & Noble today. In those two hours, I picked up three books to take home, and found four books for the Nook. (How does one select a book for the Nook and remember it for when one is home? Ah, well, one takes a picture of the book cover!)
I've discovered I have started putting books in these two categories: Home and Nook.
The Home books, obviously, come home with me. They are by authors that I read regularly. They are about a topic that I know I'll enjoy. They are the ones that stick in my head after I've read the back cover, and call my name.
The Nook books, of course, get downloaded. They are the ones that I've heard about online and in magazines. They are interesting, but not immediately emotionally compelling. They may be worth the money to buy them, but might not be worth the trees they'd be printed on. They are the books that are only available in hardcover at present, but all the others I have are paperback, and I refuse to mess up the aesthetics of having two or three paperbacks and one hardcover in the same series on my bookshelf.
And I like that I've separated them. With the Nook books, I'm more willing to take a chance. I'm more likely to read the book I heard about from Entertainment Weekly. I'm more intrigued by something I would normally stay very far away from. And the Home books are immediately put on a mental pedestal, and the To-Be-Read Pile is less likely to sit dormant for any amount of time.
I'm happy tonight, with all my new books.

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