Wednesday, April 24

Moving post = beautiful Earth pic

I haven't been keeping Y'ALL updated on my packing. And I know it's been a concern for you. I packed two boxes from the kitchen tonight, after spending the majority of the day getting frustrated by a lack of suitable homes to rent in Scottsdale. Yesterday, I packed up three boxes. I don't remember if I packed any on Monday, so I'll just say two. It's pretty awesome to know that I can pack up all the small appliances in my kitchen six weeks before moving (except the toaster because we're not animals), because I don't use them. Also, the serving pieces. I think you all may have more fun knowing what I can pack two months before moving because I can live without them just fine. Tomorrow, I'll pack up my Christmas dishes, and, as a testament to my social life (and lack thereof), the bar glasses. (Boxes done this week: 7; as of now: 37.)
I also reorganized my dining room so I have room for all my kitchen boxes. And, the dining room table has been adopted by the packing paper as a preparation and wrapping station.
So, I wasn't exactly unproductive today, though I feel it. But I did spend two hours on the sofa watching Life of Pi. It was visually stunning, but as for attention-keeping, well, notsomuch. I knew I should have gone with Django Unchained or The Dark Knight Rises.

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