Monday, April 8

Monday, fun day?

ITEM!: This picture is of the Great Wall of China, where it ends and meets the ocean. This may be among one of the coolest things ever.
ITEM!: What a weird day. I can't wait for my coffee with Marlo tomorrow morning. I kinda need to sit with someone who will be nice with no ulterior motive, and who will like me. What a weird day.
ITEM!: I did make my first hauls of boxes up to the apartment from the storage unit. So, I've got a wardrobe box full of packing paper, and about 20 flattened boxes in my living room. Also, now I'm motivated. I'm ready to get to the packing. My goal is to get all the boxes up here by Thursday. I'll dig into the actual packing after Daddy leaves next Monday.
ITEM!: The lady who lives in the bottom-floor apartment in my building accidentally drove her car into a different bottom-floor apartment's wall and living room this morning. I felt so bad for her, because she was obviously upset about it. I would be, too. And she's so nice. She hit the gas instead of the brake when pulling into the parking spot, and just kinda plowed into this lady's patio and living room. I didn't even hear the accident happen. I was in the laundry room, and had gone out to the balcony when I noticed the damage across the parking lot. At the very least, we get to supervise construction for the next couple weeks.
ITEM!: I finished my first Percy Jackson book today on the Nook (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief). And it was pretty cool. Not as awesome or involved as the Harry Potter books, but a good little story nonetheless. I'm eager to dig into the rest of them. They're on sale on Barnes & Noble for the Nook, making them even more intriguing going into the next several weeks.

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