Tuesday, April 30

It's time for a no-TV summer, for sure

We all know that I love my television shows so very much. Sometimes, they're the only things that can get me through a creative and psychological slump. But lately, I've found that several of my shows' plots and/or characters are making me roll my eyes in irritation.
Two examples off my DVR tonight:
Hart of Dixie is bugging me because the characters are becoming caricatures, and because I can take only so many misunderstandings or ridiculous bursts of silliness.
Revolution. I rolled my eyes specifically at the Charlie character, because she's having a hard time prioritizing her issues, and because she's the worst part of the entire show's many plot lines. If I could just fast-forward through each one of her scenes, I would, but I can't because she's in so much of the show itself.
Once Upon a Time was not on tonight's DVR, but it was on yesterday's. This show is on a stunning downslide into not being on my DVR anymore at all. As far as I can tell, there are only one or two episodes left in the season, so I may just muscle through the last episodes, and be done after them.
And let's talk about how annoying non-humanity vampire Elena is on The Vampire Diaries. I can not wait for the show to finally move on with that story. She's making it difficult for me to watch one of my favorite shows, and that is not okay.
And then there's Grimm, and the season-long amnesia of Juliet, which is more irritating with every single episode that airs. I believe that the memory loss will be dealt with and finished on tonight's episode, but I can't bring myself to watch it, since so much other TV has bugged me tonight.
What TV did delight me tonight? The Mindy Project, of course and as usual.

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