Sunday, April 14

I need to monetize this situation

Now, I know I watch a whole lot of movies, but I never really realized how many until I spent the weekend with my dad and the television. Because when it comes down to it, I drift from movie to movie on my movie channels, and treat their schedules like all manner of my addiction. I can't seem to go through my day without bits and pieces, or entire wholes, of movies. I can sit and wander through my 40 movie channels, and pick and choose for Daddy which ones are worthy of his watching, or not. I bounced from a war movie to a revenge movie and part of an alien movie, and was perfectly happy with them all.
And then, I had a Netflix movie to watch after the kid went to bed. And when that was done, and I needed background music for my blog posting, I chose the last 20 minutes of the second Bridget Jones movie. Now, I just want to turn off my television, because I think it's tired.

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