Wednesday, April 3

I love me some movies

Life, lately, is all about the movies.
Today, I did one of my favorite things, which is go to the movies by myself. I enjoy getting my popcorn, sitting in the very middle of a row, and getting completely engrossed in the film. Today's flick, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, was just such a movie, with all kinds of fun explosions, action and cheeseball dialogue.
I've got a couple good movies from Netflix in my house, too. Skyfall, which I think I'll watch tomorrow afternoon; Rise of the Guardians, which Sydney and I will watch soon for Movie Afternoon; and Lincoln (technically, on its way from Netflix), which is the Oscar-nominated movie I told myself I would watch when it came out on DVD. Netflix continues to be an awesome service I wish I had thought up.
And this weekend, Jurassic Park will be back in theaters, and in 3-D. I know that I've made you all aware of my dislike for 3-D movies, but this is Jurassic Park, and it'll make my kid so happy to watch it on the big screen. So I'll bite the metaphorical bullet and pay for us to watch it in 3-D. She's very excited.

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