Friday, April 26

I have a lot of stuff

ITEM!: I think I may be done with my box packing for a while. I finished up four more boxes today (as of now: 46), and found myself wandering around the place looking for things to finish up that last box. Also, I got into trouble for putting two bits of Sydney's stuff in it without her approval. Everything in my house that is not in a box is necessary to our survival for the next six weeks. I figure I can wait at least three or four weeks before finishing up the boxes, and making the final preparations for the move. Until then, I hunt for a house.
ITEM!: Daisy is ripe for blog material lately. She dug into some of Oliver's food today because I forgot to pick it up when I ran my errands this afternoon. Something she and I have discovered when she eats Oliver's food: she gets gassy. She is the craziest farter right now.
ITEM!: Sydney got her first sunburn of the season today. And I'm a terrible mom for forgetting her sunscreen. Her class went on a picnic field trip to a park this afternoon, and she did all kinds of running around. She got all super sweaty, and had a great time, but as we were getting her ready for bed tonight, I noticed how pink her cheeks and nose and forehead got from the day. So, we washed her face, and I put some of my thick night cream on her for bedtime.
ITEM!: Something interesting must have happened today, but for the life of me, I can't think of what that would have been. I hate days like that, and they're even worse when I sit down that evening and try to come up with something interesting to post. Tomorrow, cupcakes.

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