Sunday, April 28

I hate hash tags not on Twitter

It's not that I didn't have anything to post last night. What it is, is my cheesy cable company's inability to keep Internet available when there's a particularly heavy rainstorm. Figure that out.
So, after the 12 hours of lightning, thunder and pouring rain, without Internet and with very spotty satellite, I went to bed early, more annoyed that I had to neglect my farm than anything else. And since this all happened on a Saturday, there was, of course, no chance of getting the people from Bob's Cable Co. out here on a Sunday. A Sunday without Internet shouldn't be a big deal, unless you're six years old and you really, really, really want to play your "Jurassic Park" game, which requires wifi. Anyway, it made for a very whiny afternoon in my house. Damn thing had best be working tomorrow, is all I can say.
Right now, I'm blogging from my phone, and I'm locked out of my farm for another night. Ugh. #firstworldproblems #ironicuseofhastag

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