Thursday, April 18

From gross to fabulous in one storm

I can probably count on one hand the things that I will miss about Houston. One of them is the weather, because there is real weather here. Not as much weather as Boston, but a whole lot more than Arizona (which I still am so excited to get back to).
But today's funky weather is a perfect example of what I'll miss: the morning started off gross, about 75 degrees and so humid it was misting. At lunchtime, it was the same. But at about 2 p.m., the wind kicked up, and it started to rain. With that rain came a temperature drop of about 15 degrees. It only got cooler as the day progressed. And tonight, all my windows are closed because it got too cold in the house; I'm wearing a sweatshirt; and the air conditioner is off. All good things, to be sure.
This is weather I like to call "unpredictable" and "kinda awesome for April." This will not be the kind of weather we'll have back in Arizona, and I'll miss it.
But you know what's fun for me? Yes, there are a few things that I'll miss about Houston, but -- TO ANSWER THE QUESTION -- I love knowing for a fact that I'm still going to be so much happier in Phoenix.
(Boxes done today: 5; as of now: 29.)

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