Tuesday, April 9

Fish photobombs are real

And then there was more packing.
I carried all the flattened boxes upstairs, and they now occupy a wall in the living room. Also, I filled up a box with my sweaters, and a wardrobe box with long dresses and skirts. All these things I know I won't need for the next couple months. And to give you a brief look into my neuroses, I tend to file through the boxes, checking their labels from the last move, and filling them with the same things. Less marker on the boxes leaves less room for confusion. It also makes for a more puzzle-like mindset for the packing. This calms me.
Having said that, with the boxes all up here, I'm starting to get antsy about the packing, and anxious about the amount of it. Again, I know that I'll be able to fly through it once I get started, but still, ... so. many. boxes.
(Boxes done today: 5; as of now: 7)
Duly noted that every time I start one of these box counters for our move, I lose track pretty early on, and then give up out of frustration. Yay; challenge!

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