Wednesday, April 10

Because Wednesday is "hump day"

Stream of consciousness:
My nose and fingers are chilled because a storm rolled into town, dropping the temperatures outside by 30 degrees in just a short amount of time, and I've finally closed the windows because my fresh air got too cold. ... Daddy arrives in Houston tomorrow, and I'm excited to do a bunch of stuff this weekend. I'm thinking, maybe some education, a visit to the Gulf, and some fun stuff for Sydney, because that's all she cares about. ... Daisy ate way too much of Oliver's food today. One time, it was just while I was in the bathroom. She's gotten sneaky and fast. She's never going to lose any weight. I think I'm getting out-thinked by a dog. ... I didn't pack any boxes today. So, the box count stays at seven. ... Sydney doesn't know it yet, but there is some Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream in the freezer. When she finds out, she's going to freak out. It's some of these little things that make me love being a mom. ... Please note that the landscape above is created with broccoli.

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