Thursday, April 4

Arizona hungry and hubby-less tired

A couple things are totally wrong with my little life right now.
1. I can not sleep well with my kid in her room and my husband not home. I've got paranoia. I woke up, wide awake, at 4 a.m. today, with the insistent need to check on Sydney. I know myself too well to not follow my instincts on something like that, because I try to always follow my instincts. Of course, she was fine, and sleeping soundly. I couldn't get to sleep though, for another 10 minutes, and after I checked on her again. Those Third-Floor Ninjas really get into my head sometimes. And it seems that they're more pervasive when I'm the Agent in Command of the household.
2. My husband is eating at all my favorite dining places without me. Yesterday at lunch, I was texted a photo of the Dilly's Deli menu board, and he ate Tokyo Express for dinner. Tonight, he was rushing home so he could enjoy his mini chimichangas from Julio's. He had lunch at Oregano's on Saturday. Honestly, I knew this would happen, but the preparation for this kind of food envy was insufficient.
3. My dogs need haircuts and the groomer was unable to accommodate them this week. Now, I have to wait three weeks to have it done. They have too much hair, and I can't see their eyes. This isn't an issue with Oliver, as I know him and every twitch of his body. But Daisy, well, she's unpredictable, and it's always better to be able to see her eyes.

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