Tuesday, April 2

A list of what's OFFICIAL:

The avatars are gone. In case you really cared about this bizarre staple on the blog here, I'll tell you that yes, I did spend many hours putting together avatars for the future. I now have 130 avatars on reserve. Yes, yes, perhaps I went a little crazy and over-reacted. However, I have enough avatars for the next 10 years and a bit. This makes me happy. The idea of Sydney being 16 years old and reading my still-active blog makes me happy, too.
I am capable of eating only half a chocolate bunny. I am so proud of myself. I was able to crush and make bits out of the bunny, and then only snack on half of it. Then, if you can believe it, I tossed out the second half. And I was perfectly fine doing that. I think I may be growing as a person.
Archer is among the best of television shows ever. So is The Walking Dead. As if you couldn't tell, because I'm focused on shows that aren't on tonight, the storm outside is crazy bad and has knocked out my satellite dish. I'm binging on what's on my DVR.
G.I. Joe: Retaliation must be a good movie. I'm going to go see it tomorrow, so I will be able to prove or deny that assertion tomorrow night. But my comment to Brian is that, any movie with The Rock and Bruce Willis in it must be good. Also, popcorn.
Ensure drinks do not taste delicious. Brian left a few in the refrigerator, and he made me promise that they wouldn't go to waste. I drank one for dinner tonight, and I didn't like the taste. It was like dirty plastic, I think. I'm going to stick with my Carnation Breakfast Essentials. The Ensure is nasty.
I still love Earth Pics. This Twitter account is still blowing my mind, and I'm still loving the images I get. I've started favoriting the images and tweets I like the best, and then save the pictures to my desktop for the blog. This one is of a hot air balloon in Tuscany. Aren't the colors amazing?

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