Sunday, March 31

Breakfast of champions

I love that on Easter it is acceptable, as a parent, to allow your child to eat chocolate for breakfast. That doesn't happen on Christmas, or Halloween, or Arbor Day. Nope, just Easter. And since I am that awesome of a parent, my child was permitted to eat chocolate for breakfast, and some after lunch, and a couple bits before dinner.
But that's it, you know. The rest is mine. I stayed away all day today. I hold no responsibility for what I eat tomorrow while Sydney is at school. Maybe I plow through one of the chocolate bunnies that I hid in the pantry. Maybe I enjoy a line of Peeps. Who knows, maybe I'll just demolish a handful of Tootsie Rolls. Whatever the case, it's all good, and I deserve it. And since I'm the parent, I get to eat whatever I want.

Saturday, March 30

Here comes the Easter Bunny

HOPPITY, HOP, HOP!! I do love it when the Easter Bunny arrives. Candy: check! Eggs: check! Deception: CHECK! It's nice though, that she only likes a few different kinds of candy. Sydney is perfectly happy with a few Oreos, a chocolate bunny, some Peeps, and some Tootsie Rolls. Also, a bunch of cool dinosaur stuff and some Ninjago paraphernalia. I think the Easter Bunny did super awesome this year.
Also, someone needs to figure out the perfect middle ground for a kid's birthday party location. It needs to be fun for the children, but also offer some margaritas for the parents. Tonight's party was fun for Sydney, but a total drag for me, even though there were parents there for me to talk to. A couple of them actually watch The Walking Dead, so that was fun to discuss. But on the whole, it was a kid's party, and those are usually beyond cheesy for the accompanying adults.
One more thing, my kid frickin' rocked her report card this quarter! I'm so proud of her!!

Friday, March 29

Back to the DESERT!!

Once again, when you post something on Facebook, it becomes real.
Today, I finally posted the big news, that we are moving back to Arizona. We're waiting until June, after Sydney finishes school, before moving the household, but it's official, dears, we are moving back to the desert. And actually, we're super excited about it.
Texas was not a good idea, come to find out, and we're cutting bait and heading home.
The discussion about Arizona though, has brought about a commitment on our part that didn't exist before for Brian and I. We decided that moving back to Arizona meant that we would be living in Arizona. For like, a really long time. This was our move, and this was where we would land. No more would we consider Arizona to be the place that we're hanging out until we figure out where we wanted to live. From this move, we are settling down our roots. We're going to do what grown-ups do and buy a house, I think. I may just plant that little fruit orchard I've been planning in my head for years. Sydney and I may plant some flowers in an actual flower bed.
Also, going up to the snow in the winter. Or regular trips to the lake during the summer. Hikes up "A" Mountain. Maybe camping trips? My mind is buzzing with the possibilities.
Also, I'm going to get a job.
I can't wait to drive my butt out of here.

Wednesday, March 27

Well, of course they drink, but ... cool

So, here we are. On the raggedy edge. Things are happening.
ITEM!: Daddy is coming out to visit us next month! I can't begin to tell you how lonely it is out here sometimes, and company is always a very welcome bit of happiness. It'll be fun to have someone new to show the town, also. Between that, and Andrea, Ryan and Lydia being here in May, and Mom in June, I'm like the happiest little girl ever.
ITEM!: The books are in the house, and it's making me feel normal again. I started one on my Nook yesterday, and finished it this afternoon. I've got a paperback to dig into this weekend. It's funny how I can have a stack of books but not feel like reading, and be okay with it, but when I don't have anything to read at all, it makes me twitchy. It was so comfortable just settling in to the book yesterday, and not wanting to do anything other than read.
ITEM!: Sydney went to the weather museum with her class today, and I am beyond intrigued by what it was like. She said it was a cool museum, if smaller than what she's used to in museums, but worth us going back to check out together. I've never been to a weather museum. It sounds awesome.
ITEM!: Easter candy. You would be so proud of me. I put back three bags of Easter candy the other day. I was shopping, and picked up Whopper's Robin's eggs, Reese's miniature peanut butter cups, and some Twix eggs, and then put them back. I knew, by looking at the bags, that Brian wouldn't share them with me, leaving them to me entirely, and I did not want to eat them all. Thank goodness I didn't see any peppermint patties. Because those have less fat, or something. I'd have kept that bag for sure.
ITEM!: No movement yet on the marriage equality issue from the Supreme Court today, though they did hear the argument against 1996's Defense of Marriage Act. Let's hope we get some good news from our friends on the high court, and that, for once, it'll trailblaze for the rest of the country.
ITEM!: This is a picture of snails at the water, and that one on the left is drinking. This may be among my most favorite photos ever.

Tuesday, March 26

Equality is good for you

I love that feeling when my entire motivation for doing something is to finish the activity quickly so I can get back to my book.
Today, I changed my profile picture on Facebook to this image.
Via Entertainment Weekly: The Human Rights Campaign changed its blue and yellow logo to a red and pink version of the image of an ‘equals’ sign.
“Red is a symbol for love, and that’s what marriage is all about,” Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Charlie Joughin told “We wanted to give people an opportunity to show their support for marriage equality in a public and visible way.”

It's important to show support for marriage equality, and since I can't be standing on the steps of the Supreme Court today, I'll do this. It's something, though still not enough. If the measures to ban marriage equality are defeated, I'll be pleased. If they're not, I'll d the next best thing I can think of: raise a child who believes that all persons are equal to love who they love, and marry who they choose. If I can't help change the world for the better, it's for damn sure I'm going to raise my baby to do it.

Monday, March 25

They could be a supreme influence

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments about same-sex marriage this week, and I'm perhaps foolishly optimistic that they may decide on the side of common sense and equality. I heard this morning that the Supreme Court is historically slow moving, and that it tends to roll behind social movements, rather than lead them. Nine states already allow same-sex marriage, and much to my shame, California is not one of them. Do we think that the Supreme Court may decide in favor of discrimination, just because the entirety of the 50 states does not agree on it already? I can't imagine that equality, and civil rights, can be put on hold until all the states agree.
I'm tired of this argument. People should be able to marry whomever they choose, and those couples should have all the rights of any other married couple. I hate that people who fear a different lifestyle have the ability to restrict other people's lives. I can't stand how, once again, religion has its dirty little fingers in someone else's life, and that so many busybodies are butting into a situation that is none of their business. I don't understand how a country based on, and so proud of, its diversity, can continue to treat a segment of the population as if they were less than the rest of its citizens.
I'm hoping that the Supreme Court will act ... supremely ... and set a precedent for the rest of the country.

Sunday, March 24

Ugh. Cavemen movie, bad

I usually have a stored up, extra bit of patience for going to see a movie for Sydney's age group. Kids' movies have gotten quite sophisticated lately, but in the end, they're still movies aimed at kids, so walking in, you need to lower your expectations a bit. (Pixar has, of course, spoiled all of us for kid movies, so they do not qualify here.)
But then you come across something like The Croods. If I had a dollar for every time I rolled my eyes, looked at Brian to see if he was as bored as I, and wondered if I could check Facebook during this film, I'd be a millionaire. I'm positive that Emma Stone must have signed on to a different script; and I'm sure every other male actor in the world must have said no, which is why Nicolas Cage was allowed to be in this film. It was a painful experience for me from the beginning to the end. It was 90 minutes of my life I want back.
Sydney very much enjoyed it. Sydney laughed out loud a bunch of times. Sydney thinks we should buy the DVD.
I think there were about five previews before that movie that were better than the entirety of that movie.

Saturday, March 23

Crescent City, here we come

Family Adventure Day was a long and involved undertaking today, as we made the drive for a day trip to New Orleans. Now, some of you may be wondering how long that drive is, and I'll tell you. It's five and a half hours. Each way.
Some if you may be wondering why we decided to be insane and do this today. Well, Brian had never been, we wanted to go, and we didn't want to have to put the dogs in their resort for the night.
So, we were up at 4; in the car at 5:15, and rolling into town at about 10:45. Discovery: I do not like driving someplace brand new in the dark. I don't like not knowing where the road is coming from, and where I'm headed on it. It's disconcerting. Add to that the sleepiness of an early morning and the general unease about the wilds of Texas, and realize how pleased I was to arrive in New Orleans before lunchtime.
Our trip to N'Awlins, in a weird stream of consciousness paragraph:
Cafe du Monde is still the awesomest at beignets, and I was so happy to sit across the street from Jackson Square and eat my bag of them. ... Brian's first walk down Bourbon Street was a success. He drank a beer as we walked, marveled at all the bars along the way, and was intrigued by the "performance" clubs, as well. ... Sydney loved all the street performers, and was fascinated by the colors, sights, and occasionally too loud, sounds. ... I love New Orleans. Have I told you that recently? My day today reconfirmed it. That city is fantastic.
But the drive home was a drag. As we knew it would be. Still, it's 10:30, and I'm home, in my own bed, having had a great day.

Friday, March 22

As a day, today was slow

I was so tired last night, so exhausted, that I wrote three sentences for the blog, and then got too frustrated trying to find an innocuous photo to accompany it, and therefore deleted the post and turned off the computer. It was an interesting sensation to be going to sleep before 11 p.m. One that I intend on repeating tonight, especially since we have a big day tomorrow that I'll tell you about tomorrow night. But I did wake up this morning after a full night's sleep, and a dream about an adorable puppy that I was just getting ready to ask Brian if we could keep. (Oh my gosh, it was so cute!)
Right now, I'm discovering the bad side to not playing with the iPad as much, because it's got 60 apps to update, and they're taking forever.
So, obviously, I don't have a lot on my mind tonight.

p.s. This photo is of Uluru, otherwise known as Ayer's Rock, in Australia. I saved this picture because it's one of the places we went when we visited there, and because the Australia trip was among the best ever. But I've had the picture for a long time, and haven't yet found a complementary post for it. I think tonight's non-post is perfect.

Wednesday, March 20

Pot pie preference vetted and approved

ITEM!: Well, I can tell I've become a fan of pot pies, because I now have a kind of pot pie I don't like as much. The smaller Marie Callender's chicken pot pie and turkey pot pie, good; the larger beef pot pie, not so much. It just didn't do as much for me as the others. And anything baked in pastry and filled with gravy has got to be good, right? Change in shopping preference: approved.
ITEM!: The Jetta is in good shape. I spent a portion of my morning at VW, getting the 60,000-mile service on the car, and all is well. There are a couple things that could be taken care of, but don't necessarily have to be taken care of, which bodes well for the current state of my checkbook, though it puts demands on it in the future. But, since the future is always in motion, things may be very different in six months or a year.
ITEM!: Brian and I finally got to watch Zero Dark Thirty, and we really enjoyed it. I finally get to mark some more Oscar movies off my list. My little queue is full to bursting with award-winning stuff, and I'll look forward to them dropping in my mailbox.
ITEM!: I tried a couple of my Nook books this morning at the dealership and realized something important: I don't have the brain to read fancy old books. Dracula starts off super slow, and I can't handle footnote and end note markers. They bug me. I can't even remember right now what bothered me about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but I couldn't even get past the first few pages. I'm in a vacuum of reading opportunities until next Tuesday when two of my fave authors release new books, and that is more than a little frightening. I feel kinda lost and without an arm or something, or like I'm anxious, because I don't have anything to read. This is bad.
ITEM!: I bought pizza rolls at the grocery store today. I'm not proud of it, but I bet they're gonna be delicious for lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 19

Mammography rocks

So, this is how we're going to itemize tonight's blog post.
LEFT BOOB, HORIZONTAL SQUISH: The mammogram. It was a mammogram, I guess, since I've never had one before, but this particular breast center likes to make the experience a lot like a spa. Having entered the center's hallowed interior waiting area, I was handed a warmed robe, and directed to a bank of changing rooms and shown the locker area, where I was told to place my upper garments and personal items. My phone, of course, stayed in my robe pocket so I could text with my mommy.
LEFT BOOB, VERTICAL SQUISH: The waiting room was centered by a fountain in the middle of the room, and comfy chairs and sofas around it. There was a coffee station, and piles of magazines. All that was missing was a rock garden and a foot masseuse.
RIGHT BOOB, HORIZONTAL SQUISH: My technician's name was Suzette, and she was awesome. She explained everything that happened, from the reasoning behind the weird nipple shield things that looked like bandages with ball bearings in the center, to telling me when it was okay to start breathing again. Now, the pain involved, which had stressed me out so much last night, was not bad. I'll make a comparison here that may sound like semantics, but it's a good one, the mammogram squishing hurt, but it wasn't painful. It was uncomfortable, and I'm glad I don't have to do it for another year, but it's not anything I'm afraid of.
RIGHT BOOB, VERTICAL SQUISH: This is where I tell you how weird it is to look down at yourself and see parts of you squished and crammed into a position they've never been in before. The upper plate was clear, so I could look down and see my body all flattened out and awkward looking. I honestly can't wait to see how the images look, and I'm hoping they can e-mail them to me. I'm beyond intrigued at this process. Mammograms are awesome.

Monday, March 18

I'm 40, squish me

Tomorrow, I get to experience another rite of passage for being a woman who has recently turned 40: the mammogram. I'm more than a little nervous, and I wish I had someone to go with me. It's the concern over the unknown, and also the overwhelming information from the women in my life that are happy to tell someone how uncomfortable and painful a mammogram can be. This is not encouraging, nor warm and fuzzy. All the squeezing my boobs have gotten over the years has been decidedly less ... flattening.
But I'm a tough girl, and I can do this by myself. In fact, I say in my head, I'm eager to get a clean bill of health. Also, Brian's office is just down the street from the boob-squishing place, so I'm going there right after to get a hug.

Sunday, March 17

Productive and quiet, like it should be

I honestly can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to tomorrow. Sydney will be back in school, and Brian will be at work. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the last nine days, because I did, but there is something about having the quiet time that one is used to. I have a crazy list of phone calls to make tomorrow, and I'm eager to get started on them. I'm debating loudly in my head about whether I want to spend any of my quiet alone time at the gym. Also, I need to take down the St. Patrick's Day stuff and put up the Easter decorations. My day is full, and I'm excited to have no television and only music all day. Kimmie Day tomorrow, and it isn't a moment too soon.

Saturday, March 16

I'll "go ahead" and flip flop

ITEM!: I enjoy it immensely when shopping for flip flops is a necessity. Both my brown and my black flip flops died last summer, and now, at the beginning of spring, is the best time to buy. Also, Sydney's feet have grown. So, two girls who live in their flip flops during the summer are in need of new ones. Where to go? Duh. Reefs.
ITEM!: Will someone explain to me why the Patriots seem to be releasing their entire offense? First, Wes Welker, then Brandon Lloyd, and now Danny Woodhead. I have faith in Bill Belichick, so I'm sure there's a plan, but my goodness, all my peeps are leaving my team. At least Tom Brady is locked in for another few years.
ITEM!: I remember ripping the cover off a Vanity Fair because it dared to go tabloid and feature Lindsay Lohan. This week, I have again defiled a Vanity Fair. This time because the April issue features a cover spread and article on Taylor Swift. She bugs me. I put the article in the recycling.
ITEM!: Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, one of Gramps' favorite days. I baked some green blueberry muffins for breakfast, which I think will delight my girl, which will have to suffice, because Gramps isn't around to be delighted by them. Sydney's question for me tonight, "For St. Patrick's Day, are there presents?" "No, my darling, it's just about celebrating the Irish heritage. We're Irish. That's gift enough."

Friday, March 15

Of course, Mommy will protect you

ITEM!: Sydney had a bad dream tonight, about us driving in the car "to some random place," and the car was "filled with spiders and big bugs" that were "trying to bite us." So now she's sleeping in my bed, comfortable in the knowledge that neither myself, nor Oliver and Daisy, will allow her to get bitten by any such bugs. I'm a sucker for bad dream cuddles. I usually don't falter so easily though, and she ends up back in her own bed, but tonight, I felt like giving her the victory.
ITEM!: I'm done with having these few things up on CraigsList. The buying people have bailed on me too many times in the last couple weeks, and I'm sick of the weird, emotional angst this is giving me. Tomorrow, Sydney and I are taking these three things to Goodwill, and finally finishing those last two boxes in storage. Besides the Easter decorations, which I'll bring up and put out on Monday, the storage will be cleaned out and organized like a boss.
ITEM!: We re-watched Pitch Perfect tonight, and I still find it to be one of the most adorable and smiley movies ever.
ITEM!: Do you remember when I was all, "Hey, I need to start reading again"? Yeah, I still need to do that.

Thursday, March 14

Lollipops and "our" rules for everyone

Religion is a tricky thing. More times than not, I don't really care too much about what a religion is doing. My philosophy is: You mind your business, I'll mind mine. Religions though, don't follow that philosophy themselves, and butt into others' business at every turn. That's my problem.
The world would be a better place if religions actually could mind their own business, and not try to force their tenants and (purposeful emphasis here) commandments on everyone else in the world. [ASIDE: Who am I kidding? The world would be better without religions at all. A planet full of free thinkers would be a wonderful thing! Also, let's compare religion-based wars to non-religion-based wars, and then tell me the world is better the way it is. END OF ASIDE.]
This post started off in my head as a small rant about the new guy in charge of the Catholics, Pope Francis I. You have all these Catholics throughout the world who are celebrating and rejoicing the election of this new Pope, who they seem to think will make the Church a better institution. Also, they think there will be change in the Church. But I've got some bad news for those people. This is a 76-year-old Catholic man. He's not going to change his mind about abortion or birth control or homosexuality now, because he's Pope. This guy has been a vocal opponent of the rights of homosexuals for years, and it won't change now.
As bad as I feel for the Catholics who want change and ultimately won't get it, I feel worse for those of us who don't have the same beliefs, but will still be treated as though we're incapable of making our own decisions and choices, because of the Church's influence in government. Of course, this isn't specific to Catholics. It's all religions, and the people who won't rest until the entirety of a population believe the same things they do. Honestly. Hey religions!! Mind your own business and leave the rest of us alone!!

Wednesday, March 13

Otters, cougars and monkeys, oh my!

There is something to be said for not doing fun, child-friendly things on the weekends or during school vacations. I'm a big fan of getting somewhere early, and leaving early. Typically, our days at the zoo begin when the zoo opens, and last about three or, sometimes, four hours. I also prefer the quiet days, when it's a bit too cold, or even a little rainy, when there are less people around.
I usually avoid days like today like the plague. It was beautiful, sunny, just warm enough to be comfortable, and in the very middle of Spring Break. Happily, Marlo and the kids were okay with getting to the zoo early. And we were. We arrived about 10 minutes before opening, but already had to stand in lines. We wandered the zoo somewhat comfortably all morning, and left to enjoy our picnic lunch in the park.
Returning to the zoo was, in retrospect, our biggest mistake. The place was packed. We were getting a little over-heated in our long sleeves and jeans. There were a lot of people. (I mention this twice because it's true.) We were all already getting tired.
So, the afternoon included: our getting a bit too much sun on our noses; Sydney having a bloody nose from the activity and dryness in the air; kids not wanting to walk so much anymore; moms getting tired and ready to leave as soon as they can; everyone was hungry for sweets and stuff they shouldn't eat; and all of us getting bumped, pushed and very nearly tripped several times.
Finally, we made our way home. Remind me again why I don't usually do this stuff on school holidays. Having said all that, we did have a lovely day.

Tuesday, March 12

Bed-making gnomes needed

You know that moment when it's almost 11:30 p.m., and you're super tired, and you still have to completely make the bed because all the linens were washed and dried today but the mattress pad was inexplicably washed last, even though it has to go on the bed first, and it's still in the dryer? Yeah. That.
I'm totally exhausted, but I still have to make the bed. My dogs are sleeping, and I'll have to move them. I'm yawning, and all I want to do is roll over and go to sleep. But the bed won't be comfortable because there are no linens on it. And I hate to sleep in jeans.

Monday, March 11

So filling, so perfect. So bagelicious

My Midnight Snacks have become something of a legend. In my head, all the people on my Facebook feed are eagerly awaiting any announcement I may make on any given night, regarding whatever bit of sustenance I've decided I need right before I go to bed. Most of these announcements include ice cream or cookies. The other night it was nothing but the load of frosting that Mom scraped off her cupcake earlier that day.
My eating habits lately have been such that tonight's Midnight Snack was not a sugary confection, but a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. Sure, there are Fig Newtons, Oreos, cupcakes (!), ice cream pints, almond M&Ms, and caramel-filled Hershey's Kisses in the house, but tonight, I just couldn't get there. We've been eating all those other things regularly throughout the last five days, and in rebellion, my appetite was screaming bagel and cream cheese this evening.
Bagel Facts, Kimmie-style:
* My first blueberry bagel was purchased and eaten in an airport in either Colorado or Utah, before we were heading home from a ski trip.
* Bagels are made to be lightly toasted. This was not always my opinion, but I've grown into it.
* Don't let your flavored bagel touch my blueberry bagel. There is nothing worse that biting into a bagel and tasting the adjacent bagel.
* So many people belittle the Einstein's bagel, but I am a huge fan. Even more now that I've been living right down the street from an Einstein's, and I've discovered their pumpkin bagel.
* Cream cheese should never, ever, ever be flavored.
* I don't like to load up my bagel with cream cheese. It needs just enough to cover it and filter the bagel's coloring, but not enough to make the bagel white as snow.
* My family, as a whole, loves bagels. A dozen bucket doesn't last too long here. Sydney, in fact, will bogart half a bagel if you happen to be toasting one when she decides she's hungry. And poof, half a bagel is gone. I'm glad I waited until she was asleep to toast my bagel; Brian, and his bagel, were not so lucky.

Friday, March 8

Movies, the great and wonderful

Two new movies today!
We saw Oz the Great and Powerful this morning. It was ... okay. I really, really, really wanted to have my mind blown by it, but it just didn't do it for me. The beginning was so slow to develop that my husband snored and my mother got antsy. The Oz portions in color jumped from development to development kinda roughly. But I enjoy the idea of three awesome witches being awesome, so the movie was a positive for me.
Tonight, we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I knew that it wasn't going to be a comedy, though there was plenty of comedy in it, but it got very deep and heavy at the end. Not that I'm disappointed by that, because I very much enjoyed the movie, but I wasn't prepared for it, either.
Sadly, Brian refused -- refused -- my offer to watch The Sound of Music. He's never seen the movie, you see, and therefore totally did not get that comedy bit on the Oscars regarding Christopher Plummer not coming into the theater through the side door. I was on a mission, and finally remembered that I must (and do) have the movie on DVD. But still, a refusal to broaden his horizons, to expand his mind, or to appreciate the beauty of play clothes made from drapes, and the oddity of the name "Gayorg." Or really, how anyone can possibly build a singing movie about Nazis.

Thursday, March 7

The storage unit is done

Let me tell you, there is a profound sense of relief in my head and psyche this evening. Putting my mom to work with me to clear out and clean up that storage unit was a brilliant idea on my part. She's always such a great partner for me in that stuff.

Storage Unit Clear Out, By the Numbers
2: Trips to the dumpster
12: Boxes that were full, but are now empty
2: Trips to Goodwill with a full trunk and backseat
5: Cuts on our hands
0: Broken fingernails
4: Hours in the storage unit
1: Extra trips upstairs to get something I'd forgotten
1: Times Brian called to make sure I wasn't throwing away all his stuff
2: Starbucks drinks to get through the morning
5: Times I clutched my head in my hands and thought about burning everything
2: Rolls of tape
2: Open boxes with just enough room to need more stuff

All in all, it was a very efficient and organized day for me and my household.

Wednesday, March 6

Yay mom's in town!

Mom has a list of randoms for me, and she's running through them right now. I enjoy putting out the weird and bizarre fires she starts in her head, as well as just listening to her bits of news. Brita filter: check. New Starbucks location: check. Friend who's selling her house: check. Other friend gossip: check.
It makes me happy to have her sitting in my house running through her random list. I'm going to have a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 5

Pictures of Earth, but better

So, I've fallen in love with a new Twitter account. This particular account was retweeted by Ricky Gervais, whom I adore, last week, and I've become quite obsessed with it. It's called Earth Pics, and the people behind it tweet out cool pictures from all over the planet, as well as some nifty space stuff. But it's mainly just beautiful pictures of places, animals and phenomena from around the globe.
I'm sure these photos should be inspiring in their beauty, but all they really do is make me want to bail on Texas and travel the world experiencing these amazing places myself.
I can't imagine anything cooler than standing at one end of this wooden bridge and taking a picture of the island at the other end of it. I also love all the buildings they're posting: castles, churches, mosques, hotels, skyscrapers, and the like. I know that there is this much beauty in the world, but it's so awesome to have it delivered to my phone several times throughout the day. It makes me happy, and envious, and melancholy, and hopeful. All good things, especially when given by a simple little account on Twitter.
This top one I've repurposed for my Facebook cover photo. If Saturn were as close to the Earth as the moon is, this is what it would look like from here. The second picture was taken in the Maldives.

Monday, March 4

We can do it!

Today's epiphany means work for Mom on Thursday. I decided that since I'll have my favorite partner-in-crime at my disposal this week, I'm going to take advantage, and have her help me with the storage unit. I bought two rolls of tape and two new black markers at Target this morning. It's my intention to have cleaned out the unit, made one or two huge trips to Goodwill, and to have everything boxed and taped up by the time we pick up Sydney at school. I'm sick of the space being a catch-all, and a place for sad, half-empty boxes. I want consolidation, and organization. And the only one who can help me with that is she who taught, passed down and nurtured my ridiculous obsession with everything having its place. Yay!

Sunday, March 3

Sunday night lights

Ah, yes. Sunday night.
The moment when you have an entire week to look forward to, with grand plans on the horizon and the motivation to get started on them. My outlook on this week is buoyed by the arrival of Mom on Wednesday, which is super exciting, but I'm being internal and quiet about it because we're surprising Sydney. That is difficult, but I'm soldiering through it.
Also, I don't like an episode of The Walking Dead without Daryl Dixon. It was a good episode tonight -- it really was -- but I missed my zombie-apocalypse, TV boyfriend. And tonight we were given the information that there are only four episodes left to this season. This is bothersome, since I'm going to miss it terribly until next fall, when it returns for season four. I have read that the show resumes production in early May, though, so as long as I know that they're working on it, I'm okay. Kinda.

Saturday, March 2

Marshmallows in sugar? Yes, please

ITEM!: Brian and I finally caved to the pressure, and picked up a few kinds of Easter candy this morning at Target. We bought a bag of caramel Hershey's kisses, which are delicious; a Twix egg, which is Brian's to taste because I say that if you're going to buy anything Twix, just buy a Twix, because it's perfect just the way it is; and some purple Peeps, because Sydney wanted to try them, and I was too excited to find someone with whom to share my Easter guilty pleasure. Of special note, I have not bought a single chocolate bunny yet ... yet.
ITEM!: There is brilliance in the concept that is SuperCuts. It means I can go in, get a quick and inexpensive haircut, and I don't feel like I'm cheating on Malia. Also awesome, is that I said to my kid after lunch, "I want to stop and get a haircut. You want to go with me?" She says, "I want a haircut, too! It's getting kinda long." I was only too happy to get her hair trimmed as well. It was getting super long, but I was told a couple months ago that it was not to be cut any time soon. Yay to the quick cut, with no wait, and no guilt!
ITEM!: In regards to last night's post, I will tell you that I have been busy stockpiling my avatars for the next couple years (yes, years! I've got 36 avatars so far, and I've still got more options to download!). Also, this is calming to my neuroses, so that's a positive.
ITEM!: I still haven't started reading Odd Thomas. It's the last book in my To-Be-Read Pile, but I can't seem to make myself crack it and get to reading. I started it several months ago, but then put it down. I'll probably have to start over again when I pick it up. In my head, the roadblock is that I had started it, and then didn't finish it, because it wasn't working for me at the time, and I moved on to something else. And now, I'm thinking that if it wasn't right then, it won't be now, and I should just cut my losses, ditch the book and pick up the Nook.

Friday, March 1

But ... but ... my avatars!!

Ever since the creation of the blog, I've been able to change my avatar monthly, depending on the holiday, weather, my mood or any plans upcoming. Tonight, when I went to change the avatar for March, I was greeted with some distressing news:
Thank you for using Yahoo! Avatars.
To help focus our efforts on core Yahoo! product experiences, we will discontinue Yahoo! Avatars by April 1st 2013.

So, here's my dilemma. Do I accept this change to the blog gracefully, and go in search of a new avatar creator? Or do I go ape-shit crazy and create as many avatars as I can in the next month, save them in a new folder on my hard drive, and pick and choose for the upcoming months on the blog for as long as I can? I hate change. I mean, how can I predict how my hair will be in October? Or what we'll be doing in November? Or even my mood next February? You can see how I'm leaning right now, can't you? I'm tempted to go ape-shit crazy with the avatar creator for the next month. I mean, really, if I make a pact to create three new avatars every day, I'll have 90 by the end of the month. And that's a whole bunch more years for the blog. Should I stick with the one hairstyle? Probably. Or just change back and forth between the three or four I've favored over the last several years?
Ugh. I hate you, Yahoo!, for messing around with my system.