Thursday, August 9

Yay slumber party!

So, we've had some company lately. Katy has been here since Monday, and leaves tomorrow, which is beyond sad for me. I miss her terribly when she's in Arizona and I'm here. And two of Brian's nephews were here Tuesday through this morning, as part of their cross-country road trip. Liam and Kyle took up residence on the sofa and air mattress, making this a very full house of six people in a three-bedroom apartment. I loved it. I love, love, love having a bunch of people in my house. It makes the place feel like a big, awesome slumber party. We all went to Galveston together yesterday, and searched for seashells and had lunch. It was a great day, and we were all sad to see the boys leave today.
Sydney is thoroughly enjoying her time with her cousins. She cried when Liam and Kyle left, and I know there will be more tears tomorrow when we take Katy to the airport. I hate that we're so far from our friends and family. Alas, the best I can do is promote visits and trips. ... And get us into a house that has a dedicated guest room with a queen-sized bed in it. Then people will have no reason to say no.

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