Tuesday, August 28

Yay more zombies!

ITEM!: You know how sometimes you completely avoid a thing because you know that it'll get you all irritated and feeling like screaming? That's me and the Republican National Convention stuff tonight. The most I'll get from it is the articles I read online, and The Daily Show. Already, just reading about the agreed-on platform positions had me in an incredible snit. I'd rather not listen to these people spew their venomous opinions about women's rights, gay marriage, the environment, and health care, on national television, thankyouverymuch.
ITEM!: My brilliant plan to get the DVDs of The Walking Dead: Season 2 without a wait on the queue came to a happy conclusion this morning, when Netflix e-mailed Brian the delivery notice on disc one of the set. I was hoping for discs two and three as well, and that still may happen, but according to Netflix, they didn't receive the other two movies I'd sent in. So, who knows. We'll see what happens. But first, we get to start on season two!
ITEM!: There is a real thing out there called Children's NyQuil. Now, I love the stuff for my colds, and have always despaired that there is no such thing for Sydney when she's under the weather. But wandering through Target yesterday, I found it. She is almost six, right? Good, then it's fine for her. At any rate, I give her a bit less than what's prescribed, but there is no denying that she got a good night's sleep last night, and will get one tonight, too.
ITEM!: There's a hurricane brewing in the Gulf tonight, and it's heading for New Orleans. I hope that it's relatively kind to that town. I'd like to go visit sometime soon. But it's an entirely different weather system I'm living in here. Hurricanes? Really? Well, if it's not a hurricane, it's a haboob. And if it's not a haboob, it's a blizzard. ... I love that we've lived so many places!

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