Saturday, August 11

Three ITEM!'s, no waiting!

ITEM!: My house is so quiet. There's no lonelier feeling for me, as a family, than after a visitor goes back to their home. I never feel as far away from everybody as I do at that moment. It could be the second I drop them at the airport, or the moment we wave goodbye, or maybe not even until the next day, when there's nothing to do but the laundry. I know I have issues when Mom goes back to California. I get all kinds of sad, but I have to deal quietly, because it's usually all about Sydney crying in that instance. And I wasn't surprised when the house was quiet after Liam and Kyle left on Thursday, as they were the fifth and sixth people in the apartment. And I knew that I would miss Katy once she was gone. Still, today's absolute quiet and stillness took me by surprise. And all that was left to do was the laundry.
ITEM!: I had two events on tonight's Olympic broadcast ruined for me because of headlines on sidebar articles that were posted on page's for articles I read that had nothing to do with the Olympics. This is unfair. I don't think any results should be posted in headlines. It's a cruel and unusual punishment for those of us who, you know, read.
ITEM!: Tomorrow is the day for the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics. First thing in the morning is the gold-medal game for U.S. men's basketball. Then, other things. But mainly, the Closing Ceremonies are tomorrow night. And not a night too soon, either. I'm done with the Olympics, folks. I'm tired. I miss books. I miss my farm. I miss other television. I miss reading the Internet with no concerns about spoilers. I miss being able to avoid Ryan Seacrest by staying away from only Fox and E!.

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