Tuesday, August 21

This sounds calm, but it's not

I'm angry. I'm infuriated. I'm speechless with rage.
There is a War on Women in this country, and it's being financed, perpetrated and executed by men and the Republican party. I'd love to be objective, because that's a pretty powerful statement I just made, but having spent quite some time reading and watching the news lately, I'm pretty convinced. There is a definite movement afoot to take women's rights. Not take them "back" anywhere, to some other place in time, but to just take them. Take them away. From you, me, your sisters, my friends, our daughters.
It's as if, suddenly, women can not be trusted to make decisions for themselves. As women, we are the (quite literal) mothers of every living being on this planet: we feed them, we clothe them, we raise them and we nurture them. But god no, we can't make any decisions on our own.
Male politicians and representatives of the Republican party are doing their best to take away our right to make health care decisions; our right to decide whether we want to have a baby; our right to birth control; and our right to determine if we'd been raped.
I'm angry that all these things are happening, or that they're trying to happen by way of politics, and that, sure, I've got a vote, but I don't have any real influence. I can do little more that post about these things, retweet things, and "like" things on the Internet.
You know what, I want to make more noise. I want to be able to scream, and have it be heard. I want to bring together a whole bunch of angry women and have us all go screaming through the streets (of the Internet) and be able to make a real difference. I want that! I want that!
So, an angry woman blog? It's on my mind. And I want it to be angry, but I also want it to be smart, devoid of any irrational freak-outs (except the op-ed page), and singular in the purpose of protecting women from the outside political influences that would strip them (almost literally) of their rights to make their own decisions. I've got problems with the War on Women, and I want my sisters to stand with me. I'll get back to you.

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