Friday, August 31

The first of the "-ber" months is here

I honestly can't believe that we'll be changing calendar pages to September tomorrow. This year is flying by, even though it feels like it's been such a fucking slog sometimes. (Sorry, but that just had to be said like that.)
Beyond that, I've got little on my mind other than The Walking Dead these last couple nights. But tonight I discovered that the fourth disc that we'll have to wait until Tuesday for, will only have one episode on it. So, I'm about to finish here and suggest to Brian that we just rent it on iTunes tonight so we can be done with the second season of the show.
I genuinely like September. It typically signals the end of the summer (you know, "-ish"), and the beginning of fall is right around the corner. This weekend, Sydney and I are going to order her Halloween costume, which is always an awesome thing.
Also, I've got a plan for this weekend, and I'm hoping it'll go well.

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