Wednesday, August 29

Texas Bugs: Wasps edition

A really, really big wasp flew into my house this afternoon. The door was ajar because Oliver and Daisy had been wandering in and out for the last several minutes, though the hanging screen was in place. I'm sitting on the sofa -- computer on my lap, Mom on the phone in my ear -- when this monster of a stinging bug flies into my dining room through a big-wasp-sized gap in the screen netting. I take credit for not freaking out too much. I feel bad for Mom though, having to listen to me the entire time this drama went down.
The wasp, we'll call him Arthur, flew around the dining room and living room, all "la-la-la" and lazy, before landing on the blinds. I retrieved my fly swatter, and opened the door and screen all the way. I was considering its death, but Mom said to maybe just woosh it out the door, since if you try to kill a wasp and don't, it will chase you. The last thing in the world I needed was to be chased through my house by a bug. So, I played the waiting game. I didn't allow him to sit anywhere, and gently wooshed my fly swatter in his direction whenever he tried to venture into the apartment farther. Eventually, he did finally make his way back into the dining room, and then, finally, he flew out the door. I've put in a call to maintenance to have my balcony checked for any wasp-friendly areas. It's official, I don't do wasps.

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