Monday, August 27

No longer will I fear the bagel knife

It's no secret, really, that I'm generally not allowed near sharp utensils. I tend to cut myself with them. Not too long ago, in fact, I made a donation of blood to a bagel knife. It hurt.
Brian's solution: Learn how to cut a bagel properly and do it slowly, or wait for him to do it for me.
Mom's solution: A cut-resistant glove created specifically for safety-challenged knife wielders such as myself.
My solution: A bagel cutter.
Yesterday, our quest for the ideal bagel cutter began (because my idea was the best, of course). We started at Williams-Sonoma. They had a bagel guillotine for $25. It was ugly, and not at all what I was looking for. Our second stop was Sur la Table, where we also found a bagel guillotine, or three, for $30.
All I wanted was a bagel holder like what Mom and Howie used to have at our house: a block of wood with a bagel-sized crescent cut out of it, and grooved along the sides. It also had a handle. You put the bagel in it, and the block holds it steady while you cut it. In my head, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted. Bed, Bath & Beyond didn't have it, either. They had a napkin holder that would serve the purpose, okay, I guess, but not great.
Then, as she always does, Mom came through with the Amazon link for the bagel holder. It's almost exactly what we used to have, but the handle is shaped differently. I'm pretty excited, actually. I hate being all kinds of nervous about cutting my bagel. I prefer a stress-free bagel-cutting experience.

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