Tuesday, August 14

My kingdom for a tire

Well, I've had a morning so far!
There was a big rock in the middle of the street on the way to school this morning. Honestly, it was kinda rolling along and looked a lot like a piece of paper, so I didn't work too hard to avoid it. Come to find out, after the loud sound of impact, that it was, indeed, a really big rock.
So, the rock ripped a big hole in my front driver's side tire. I was able to make it to Sydney's school parking lot, where I sat and called AAA and then waited for the tow truck. Brian came by to survey the damage, but as there was nothing he could do, I sent him on his way to work. The tow truck arrived, the guy changed my tire to the spare, and I made my way to Discount Tire.
Reasons why this didn't piss me off:
1. I did it to myself.
2. The front tires needed to be replaced anyway, and Brian and I had discussed this multiple times over the last few weeks. So, here's our "Do It" sign. Now, I've got two new tires in the front, and the guys even pumped up the spare, which was a bit low because of its years of non-use.
3. Early morning on a Tuesday with no weather to speak of made my wait for the tow truck relatively short, and the AAA guy was rock-solid awesome.
4. Discount Tire is located across the street from my Starbucks, so I was able to procure a cool beverage while I was waiting for my new tires.
5. I had no one else to deal with this with me, so I didn't have to listen to anyone else bitch about the inconvenience or the lack of fun this adventure was for them.
Something that did piss me off:
1. The impact with the rock forced my already-irritating windshield crack to lengthen by another six inches. I was hoping to save the windshield replacement for closer to inspection time and registration, so the sticker thing wouldn't be too much of a bother, but it seems that will no longer be in my cards. But I'll see if I can get used to it a bit, and if I can live with it for a couple months.

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